The smart finger rests

Improve your comfort & feel more connected to your flute. Get rid of tensions or unbalances while playing.


Less tensions

Reduce hand stiffness, pain & unbalances in the hand. Find a suitable position for your right thumb and improve the overall shape of the hand.

More stability

Feel a more secure grip to your instrument and focus on your playing.

Easy mounting

Apply to the flute easily with double-sided tape. Fit in every case, no need to remove it.

Improve your comfort

Woodify Wave and Twig solutions are designed to improve your comfort and connection to the flute. These wooden rests ensure a great comfort, while integrating with the instrument acoustically. The great acoustic properties of wood ensure the transmission of all the vibrations of the instrument. You feel more connected to the instrument and to the sound, while feeling a secure grip on your flute


The Woodify Wave is a left hand finger rest. Increase the distance of the hand from the mechanics to release tensios and improve technical agility. Puts the hand automatically in a natural position.


The Woodify Twig is a rght finger rest. It helps to improve the stability of the thumb. The ideal shape ensures a great flexibility in placement. The compact shape feels very comfortable and the solution fits in every flute case. No need to remove it.


Mount the Wave Finger Rest

Find out how to mount and use the Woodify Wave Finger Rest for left hand.


Discover all different wood types available and find your favourite!

Gina Luciani on Wave & Twig