WOODIFY℗ Triple Set - Sound Ring
WOODIFY℗ Triple Set - Sound Ring
WOODIFY℗ Triple Set - Sound Ring
WOODIFY℗ Triple Set - Sound Ring
WOODIFY℗ Triple Set - Sound Ring
WOODIFY℗ Triple Set - Sound Ring
WOODIFY℗ Triple Set - Sound Ring
WOODIFY℗ Triple Set - Sound Ring

WOODIFY℗ Triple Set - Sound Ring

Experience the Woodify Sound Ring, crafted from natural materials to enhance your instrument's sound.

Years of research have led to this easy, non-invasive solution that adapts to your specific needs, elevating your playing experience.
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✔️Offering you a wider range of options
✔️Increase the resistance & response of your instrument

✔️Get a warmer & denser sound
✔️Improve staccato quality

Includes following models: Cherry Wood, Walnut, Beech Wood

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Woodify Sound Rings effectively absorb unwanted vibrations from the head-joint, enhancing the flute's resistance and allowing for more air flow and increased sound volume.

By altering the flute's vibration mode, Woodify produces a denser, fuller sound with superior projection. It also improves the flute's responsiveness, delivering a clearer staccato and quicker tone attack. The increased resistance enriches the sound color, resulting in a warmer, darker tone with greater depth. Upgrade your playing experience with Woodify Sound Rings for a richer, more dynamic performance.

Woodify Sound Rings are available in various wood types, each offering distinct sound qualities:

Ash Wood: Provides a warmer, denser sound with rich harmonics and a subtle increase in sound attack.

Walnut: Delivers a warm, dense sound with moderate resistance, producing a sparkling yet round staccato.

Cherry Wood: Offers a powerful, massive sound with high resistance, ensuring crystal-clear articulation and faster response.

Beech Wood: The versatile choice, giving you a warm sound with a balanced increase in resistance.

  • Walnut: Warm, dense sound. Moderate increase of resistance. Sparkling, but overall round staccato.
  • Cherry wood: Powerful, massive sound. Very high increase in resistance. Crystal-clear articulation and faster response
  • Beech wood: the allrounder. Gives you a warm sound and a good increase in resistance

This set is ideal to increase the color palette of the flute. Each ring, with its unique characteristics adds a different shade to your sound.

When not using it, keep Woodify in its pouch away from heat or direct sunlight. 

You can nourish and protect the wood from dirt and scratches by applying some almond or line oil. Use a small quantity and remove excess with a cotton cloth. Do this every 6-10 months.

Customer Reviews

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I wasn't sure which ring would fit my silver flute best, and as a birthday gift to myself, I decided to by the triple pack and try them all. I am so happy about this decision. Each one changes and improves my sound in a slightly different way which first me perfectly as a teacher, soloist and orchestral flutist. There truly is something in this pack for everyone.

A powerful tool

Woodify is a one of a kind sound solution, that helps you upgrade your flute. It uses a very simple acoustic principle to change dramatically the quality of your sound.

How it helps:

  • Increase the resistance & response of the instrument 
  • Get a warmer & denser sound
  • Improve staccato quality 
  • Get the most out of your head-joint
  • Different woods for all kinds of flutes 
  • Doesn't scratch the instrument
  • Adapt the sound effect by adjusting pressure

Greater sound

Woodify intensifies the harmonics. Your flute will therefore gain more volume, as well as focus.

Adaptive effect

The tighter you fasten the screw, the greater the effect on the sound. Adapt Woodify to your needs.

Easy mounting

Slide the ring on your head-joint, fasten it at the desired position and you are ready to go!

Here to make the difference.

Hundreds of flutists can't be wrong. Woodify has helped musicians around the globe upgrading their sound and their comfort, too.

How does it work?

Woodify is the unique tone enhancer that increases the resistance of your head-joint and changes the way your instrument responds. A higher resistance allows you to play with more air, thus increasing your overall projection.


Increase resistance

By damping the tube in a precise position, Woodify reduces sympathetic vibrations and maximises the conversion of air into sound.

Speed up airflow

The higher resistance also reflects in a faster attack and clearer staccato. Your instrument will therefore respond faster, when using Woodify.

Reinforce your sound

Woodify also act as a tone centerer; it intensifies the harmonics of the flute sound, giving you a rich and full tone.

Ash Wood

With Ash Wood your sound will feel warmer, denser and richer in harmonics.

You will experience a more round staccato, as well as increasing the overall response.


Walnut gives you a warm and dense sound. The increase in resistance is moderate, but the sound will feel louder and with an increased projection. Experience a sparkling, but overall round staccato.

Beech Wood

Our all-rounder. Beech Wood gives you a high increase in resistance. You will feel a full, centered sound, as well as a sharper, crispier staccato. Experience an overall increase in response, and a sound rich in harmonics.

Cherry Wood

Cherry Wood gives you a powerful, massive sound. Experience a very high increase in resistance, greater projection, crystal-clear articulation and faster response. Your tone will get very dark and focused.

Ash & Zebrano

Ash wood gives you a dense and round sound. The increase in resistance and projection is strong because of the Zebrano insert. This ring works really well on rose gold, as well as on high karat flutes.

Walnut & White Ebony

Walnut gives you a warm and dense sound. The White Ebony gives you a very high increase in resistance and volume. Your sound will feel much louder and fuller. Your tone will get very dark and focused.

Gina Luciani about Woodify

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