A patented sound solution

A patented sound solution

Woodify is a patented sound solution, developed by musicians for musicians. It is the result of a long developing process started many years ago. Sound analysis was carried out in order to investigate the exact sound modifications on the instrument, as well as to confirm the precise functionality of Woodify. The spectral analysis of a flute sound shows clearly defined overtones over the played fundamental as well as a characteristic noise fog around 11kHz. This fog is mainly produced by the air stream spread over the embouchure and is very characteristic of the flute sound. In fact this noise fog helps the sound to carry on a long distance, f.e. in a large concert hall. When we focus the tone by changing the emborchure, we reduce this noise fog and increase the harmonics, which result in a more centered tone. Although the sound feels richer and louder, it does not carry on a long distance so well.

WOODIFY works as a tone-centerer; it amplifies the harmonics. At the same time it partially reduces the characteristic noise fog; the tone is therefore darker. The higher resistance of the instrument however allows you to play with more air, in turn adjusting the characteristic noise fog.

Long story short

: You don’t have to work so much to find a focused tone. Concentrate more on gettinga big fluent air stream and you will get an overall louder and more projected sound.

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