Meet the Team behind Woodify

Meet the Team behind Woodify

We are a passionate and diverse group of artists and professionals, everyone with their unique skills and passions, dedicated to make Woodify the best companion for your musical journey.

We value the product quality and aesthetics before everything else, but are also easygoing, straight-forward problem solvers, dedicated to understand every small need of our customers. We know about the special connection musicians establish with their own instrument and we want to make that experience as fulfilling as possible. 

The flute is one of the most beautiful musical instruments and the closest to the singing voice. This deep connection, makes it also the most intimate of all. Connecting to one's own instrument while playing is one of the most rewarding feeling ever. But it is also a very hard thing to achieve! We at Woodify know that and try to help you achieve this goal, by creating devices that unlock the full potential of your flute.

The possibility to experience your instrument anew or modify the way it reacts to your playing, gives you new tools at hand. It's your journey, but we provide you with what you need to undertake it. 

From the very first experiments with different materials done by Alessandro Baticci nine years ago, a lot has been created, tested, disrupted and created again. A lot of hard work, trial and error, to try find something that would help change and improve effectively the sound of the flute. Today Woodify is an appreciated product by flautists allover the world, which makes us very proud! 

Proud to be there for you and help you on your musical path...


INVENTOR & FOUNDER - Alessandro Baticci

"It's so nice to work with passionate human beings, who bring their unique energy and approach to our common mission!" A.B. 

Alessandro is an internationally renowned flautist and composer and the inventor of Woodify. For many years he has been studying the acoustics of the flute, searching for different ways to improve the sound and comfort of the flute. This is how Woodify was invented. Alessandro performs internationally as a freelance flautist and composer in the field of contemporary music and sound art, along his role as CEO of Woodify.

Fun fact: Alessandro owns 15 flutes. Among several historical instruments and bamboo flutes he build himself, he regularly plays on low flutes (including contrabass flutes in G and C). 



Jaume Darbra Fa

Jaume is a passionate flautist and multidisciplinary artist, having a keen ear for innovations and new technologies for music making. He is an expert in extended techniques and a sought after flautist active in many new music ensembles all around the world. 

Fun fact: Jaume loves gardening, discovering different types of flowers and plants, and using his bike as much as he can. 



Cinci Baglyas - credits private

Anita is a virtuoso flautist who successfully participated in several competitions and regularly plays in orchestras or as a soloist. Along her studies, she dived into social media and found a true passion in it. Currently she is pursuing her master's studies and focussing on her own and Woodify’s social media channels.

Fun fact: Everyone knows Anita only as Cinci, her mother started calling her that since she was a child, and she has been using this as her stage name ever since.  



Sabine Pleyel - credits Gerhard Peyrer

Sabine is not only a skilled artisan, but also a fine visual artist and sculptor, who does miracles with her hands. She is the heart of the product and she crafts every ring with special care and dedication. She also keeps an eye on the stock and makes sure that everyone gets their new accessories in time. 

Fun fact: In her free time, Sabine enjoys creating new pieces of art, or organising house concerts in her atelier.

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  • Helen Mitchell

    I bought 3 woodify devices in cherry, beech and walnut – I use them regularly in different configurations and have also found that they work very well on my piccolo. The rest of the flute section in the orchestra have also bought Woodify tone enhancers based on my use of these devices. I also bought both finger rests but these have been less effective – I find that the tape does not work well and these have dropped off when playing. Also, they prevent the flute fitting in the instrument case. It would be good to be able to have an attachment method that is secure but also allows the finger rests to be removed or adjusted at will. As a consequence I no longer use the finger rests and I found that some of the adhesive was difficult to remove from the body of the flute – so I think more development work needs to be done if these are to take off – particuarly given the high cost of the finger rests.

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